Time To Write A New Story!

So often we spend too much time listening to the story that we tell ourselves about ourselves and allow it to unwittingly govern our behaviour. Once we understand that we ourselves can change we can then start to write a new narrative about ourselves and set a new course for our future.

Give it away and it will come back to you

This blog is inspired by the recent Rich Roll Podcast that I listened to and was inspired to write and and act. Listen to it HERE This was an amazing conversation between Scott Harrison and @richroll I felt so moved and was inspired to act immeditely! It seems crazy to me that nearly a billion people … Continue reading Give it away and it will come back to you

Love Starts Within

On Valentine's day i reckon you'll see as many pro posts as you will con posts For those that are thinking of posting a neggy valentines day post think of this...... What you put out to the universe you receive back. By focusing on what you don't want that is what continues to perpetuate. If … Continue reading Love Starts Within