Are You Blocking Your Abundance?

What are your thoughts and feelings around money? When someone wins the lotto do you say 'Oh that's too much' Do you say things like 'Oh i don't need much' Or 'I'm not a greedy person' It's nothing to do with greed. It is the association to money that has been engrained into that we … Continue reading Are You Blocking Your Abundance?

Is Life Getting The Best Of You?

IS SOMEONE GETTING THE BEST, THE BEST, THE BEST, THE BEST OF YOU - FOO FIGHTERS Replace someone with life and there's a big question. Is life getting the best of you? More over are you getting the best from and giving your best to, life? 'Were you born to resist or be abused?' Do … Continue reading Is Life Getting The Best Of You?

Life is a never ending cycle of decisions

We all struggle with making decisions at some stage. Why is that? Are we afraid of losing everything that we have or that we have worked for? The truth is, that decision has been put to you because now there is something else that you wish to achieve or that the Universe has in store … Continue reading Life is a never ending cycle of decisions

Busy Is Not Always Best

We all live busy lives but there are different levels of busy. Are you busy just for busy sake or is the busy being directed towards helping you get what you want in life? We have become attached to the term busy like it is an end or a meaning in itself. If you say … Continue reading Busy Is Not Always Best

Greatness Comes From Within

Greatness comes from within. From pitting you against you. Onto the greatest version of you.What if one day you were presented with the greatest version of yourself? That had achieved and done ALL that you are capable of? A look at what you have within you if you are just willing to do what it … Continue reading Greatness Comes From Within

Live Now! Before It’s Too Late.

I once heard the saying 'in order to realise your dreams you must first wake up' but is that really the case?Dreams only seem strange after you wake up. They don't seem strange while you are dreaming because you don't know that you are dreaming until you wake up and re-enter the ''real world"But isn't … Continue reading Live Now! Before It’s Too Late.