#6 Richie Hardcore – Fighting Literally Saved My Life

The Pursuit of Enhancement Podcast Episode 6 LISTEN ON SOUND CLOUD LISTEN ON iTunes Welcome to Episode 6 of  The Pursuit of Enhancement Podcast. My name is Peter Ledwidge and I am your host. Each week I sit down to talk in-depth with guests that push the boundaries of conventional living, driven by the singular … Continue reading #6 Richie Hardcore – Fighting Literally Saved My Life

Time To Write A New Story!

So often we spend too much time listening to the story that we tell ourselves about ourselves and allow it to unwittingly govern our behaviour. Once we understand that we ourselves can change we can then start to write a new narrative about ourselves and set a new course for our future.

Drop Negativity and Save the World

Could the unconsciousness of the masses be causing chaos to the planet? We must listen to our intuition and follow our bliss for the good of the planet.

To struggle is to be alive

As I listened to the intro to The Rich Roll Podcast Episode 115 I was struck by the phrase 'To struggle, is to be alive' This podcast features the host Rich Roll and the legendary Dean Karnazes. Dean Karnazes is an Ultrarunner but if you're not into running you can still gain a lot by listening … Continue reading To struggle is to be alive