#46 Tony Riddle – Running The Length Of The U.K. BAREFOOT

The Pursuit of Enhancement Podcast


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Welcome back everyone to the Pursuit of Enhancement Podcast.

The Riddle-man is back! This week I”m delighted to have Tony Riddle back on the podcast.

Tony was a guest in Season 1 back in episodes 26 and 27 if you want to check those out. I also got to spend time with him in London recently, which was a real treat.

For those of you that don’t know Tony he is aka The Natural Lifestylist – helping us to reconnect to our biological norms one small action at a time. As he says himself, ‘We can’t all live in nature but it doesn’t mean we can’t life more naturally.’

He helps his clients and followers to dare to reconnect. Reconnect with what I hear you say? With ourselves, with nature, which IS reconnecting with ourselves.Our modern world has disconnected us from our biological norms. We are out of sync with our natural rhythms caused by artificial light and artificial environments.

Our minds and our cells are over stimulated which all have a multitude of repercussions. Furniture restricts our movement, footwear disconnects us from the earth and contorts our feet which in turn distorts our entire musculature, devices and bright lights keeps us wired and tired but unable to sleep, so we rely on caffeine and processed foods to give us artificial energy, which throws out our digestion and we get all sorts of health ramifications. By simplifying all of that we can step away from our strung out, turned on society to relax and breathe, be at ease and operate as we are designed to which is with the rhythm of nature.

Tony has been on the podcast before, if you haven’t heard that make sure you go back and give it a listen. Tony’s next big undertaking is a 30 day barefoot run from lands end to john o groats. The length of the United Kingdom. He’ll be covering over 30 miles a day in his bare feet. He will be working alongside the finest minds to help raise awareness and money for 5 key charities fighting the top sustainability issues of our time.

He’ll also be talking with top sustainability experts along the way with workshops. There are lots of ways for people to come and be a part of this with Tony.

We’ll be talking about all that today, as well as the deeper spiritual connections he has been experiencing recently through running and we’ll also discuss his latest program called BARE, spelled B-A-R-E as in barefoot, which stands for barefoot analysis running experience.

The conversation goes off on a tangent at the beginning but we eventually bring ourselves back on track 🙂

I always love talking to Tony and I hope you enjoy it too.You can find Tony on Instagram @thenaturallifestylist and via his website http://www.tonyriddle.com

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Thank you so much for tuning in, I’m so grateful that you chose to give of your precious time in listening to this podcast. 

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That’s all from me for now I’m Peter Ledwidge, this is the Pursuit of Enhancement podcast, I’ll catch you on the next episode, in the meantime remember to work hard, be kind, and smile often.

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