#38 Tammy Fry – Going Plant-Based. Eat! Live! Consciously!

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This week I’m very excited to be joined from Noosa, Australia by Tammy Fry.

Tammy is 

  • the marketing Director of The Fry Family Food Co, who produce delicious plant based meat alternatives, which are available in over 25 different countries. 
  • the creator of the highly successful International Seed Workshops helping moms around the world make the transition to plant-based living in a very simple way.
  • And founder meat free mondays in south africa and Aus

In the episode we’ll be talking about;

  • The joy of self-discipline and how to develop it
  • Time saving tips for busy families to incorporate more nutrition dense meals into their week and to gain some time back
  • The benefits of a whole food plant based diet and how to incorporate more whole foods into your life 
  • Health and environmental benefits of a plant based diet.
  • Meat free Mondays
  • The rise of plant based athletes and the benefits of a plant-based diet for athletes

Tammy has been vegetarian since birth, she took up martial arts at age 5. She has since gone on to attain her black belt and become a 5th Dan

  • She has Represented her country for 18 years
  • Won the all africa games multiple times 
  • Competed at the world games
  • And last year competed at the Australian open, after which she says she is now semi-retired

Tammy is a mother of 2 boys, is very active in her local community of Noosa and a sought after international speaker, covering topics such as 

  • Self Defence (a 5th Dan Karateka and National Champion and victim of a hijacking)
  • Plant based Nutrition (certified in plant based nutrition)
  • Plant based Nutrition for athletes
  • Meat Free Mondays (Director of Meat Free Mondays SA & AUS)
  • How to market your plant based lifestyle to others?
  • Food Choices & Climate Change 

To say that Tammy is dedicated and committed to the cause would be an understatement, she has committed her life to Making the world a better place one veggie meal at a time, and It’s a pleasure to have her on the show today

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Thanks also to today’s sponsor Earth Runners. You can check them out via THIS LINK.

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