#37 Sam Ghamrawi – Every Rejection Is A Nudge To The Right Direction

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Today I’m honoured to be joined, from Adelaide, South Australia, by Sam Ghamrawi

Sam is the founder of SEK seed. SEK spelled S E K stands for Seeking Empowering Knowledge. 

A program for high school students to reach their true potential


Sekseed workshops are Teaching students that Just because we fail at something, doesn’t make us a failure. And so if we are not afraid of failure, how differently would we approach life? Working with young people for the past 7 years, they have developed fun, engaging workshops that offer a holistic approach to life, covering Self Development, Learning, Health and Relationships and more. Their ethos is that each one is inter-connected and by becoming aware of each aspect of our lives, this is the first step in building a great foundation now, in order to create a greater future.

The best lessons are in our failures not in our successes.

The workshops cover topics such as 

  • importance of a positive Attitude and how to overcome circumstances in life and turn negatives into positives.
  • The introduction to Loving themselves and choosing to BE Happy. 
  • Expanding their Circle of Influence to minimise their Circle of Concern.

Sam is doing incredible work and has had quite a journey himself, all of which he now draws on to empower the young people he encounters. Born in Sydney in the 80s to Lebanese migrant parents, a muslim father and christian mother. They later moved to Adelaide; a high performing student with a mischievous side. HE wrestled with himself for many years.

He got involved with drugs and alcohol from the age of about 13-15 which would be a recurring theme for many years. He continued to follow on the outside what seemed like most others, uni (reluctantly) jobs, family, children; but all the while battling substance abuse.

Sam tried many times to work on his addiction issues, despite his best efforts things just wouldn’t seem to align for him. It was almost as if a divine intervention was needed and that’s what he received. Sam was involved in a very bad car accident, in which he experienced, in his words ‘the hand of god.’ This was a turning point for Sam, but the tests were not over, soon after that, in the space of 6 months he lost his job, got hit by a car while riding his bike and lost his best friend to suicide.

Instead of going back to his old ways, he turned to prayer and became free of his addictions. From there, with the help of some mentors SEK seed was born which brings us to where we are today. 

This is an Amazingly honest and raw conversation and Sam shares stories that he hasn’t spoken of publicly before. I’m very grateful to Sam trusting me and using this podcast as a platform to share

Today’s conversation contains Incredibly motivational and practical steps to apply to your life today such as; Changing your state, power of positivity, journalling, early morning routines, and filing your days with listen wins

If you’ve got teenagers I definitely encourage you to listen to this together.

Thank you for listening. Let me know what you thought by leaving a comment or a review.

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