#36 Katarina Riddle – The Spiritual and Transformational Power of Natural Parenting

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This week I’m delighted to be joined by Katarina Riddle from London, UK, you can find her on instagram @letthemrise

Today we are going to talk to Katarina about her experience with  natural birth, natural co-sleeping, natural breastfeeding, baby wearing, baby-led weaning, natural approach to toilet training.We’ll also talk about unschooling and homeschooling their kids The research she carried out, the sources she looked to and what how it has all unfolded in her own experience

Katarina grew up in Slovakia, surrounded by mountains and nature, she spent a lot of time playing in nature and had a happy childhood.

As she grew up she became intrigued by the nature of people and wanted to understand them more; why some teachers were mean, why were some friends goody-goody students and others choose to rebel, why some are happy and some unhappy. She went on to study psychology later going on to dabble in secondary school education. 

While at university Katarina had a crisis of identity, of sorts, wanting to understand herself, learn who she was, yet at the same time to run away from it all. Over the following years she went through many changes in her life and much internal work. Many years later she found herself in London and was a new woman; strong, grown up and independent. Around that time she met her now husband, Tony.

Soon after Katarina became pregnant with their first child. They now have 3 wonderful girls and expecting a fourth very soon.

When they were expecting their first, Tony inspired Katarina to ‘look for answers in nature.’ Being a first time mom, Katarina, naturally, had lots of questions and a need to understand her baby. She started to look for answers in psychology as well as in nature. Being an academic Katarina was trained to be rational and listen to reason but learned how to trust her feelings and intuition.

As mentioned a moment ago Today we are going to talk to Katarina about her experience with  natural parenting and unschooling 

We’ll talk about this, not only from her children’s perspectives; but also from her perspective in terms of how she balances it with her own needs for intellectual stimulation, space for self expression and creativity, and discuss how children to her provide answers to many questions, opportunity for growth and self improvement, harmony, happiness and how parenting is also her own spiritual journey.

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