#29 Oliver James Pt 2/2 – Breath Is Our Most Powerful Tool

The Pursuit of Enhancement Podcast Episode 29


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Welcome to Episode 29 of  The Pursuit of Enhancement Podcast.

My name is Peter Ledwidge and I am your host.

Each week I sit down to talk in-depth with guests that push the boundaries of conventional living, driven by the singular pursuit of being on an unrelenting quest to continually expand the horizons of their body, mind and spirit.

The aim is to learn more about them and from them; their story, the work they are doing, the highs, the lows, the triumphs, the heartaches and everything in between.

The hope is that these conversations might spark something within you that gives you cause for self-reflection, inspires you to embark on your own journey of self-discovery or gives you the courage to take a chance and go after your goals.

Oliver James


OLIVER PT 2.3This week is part 2 of my conversation with Oliver. If you missed part 1. Click here to check it out.

Oliver is a Body Led Psychotherapist, Pilates Instructor, Masseur and Healer. These tools are weaved and integrated into his work with clients and groups around the world. He has been working within Health and Wellness since 2003.

He is also the author of The Big Book of Breath.

His Journey

Since 2003, Oliver James has experienced over 400 different breaths and breathing techniques. They formed part of his own journey to recover from the chronic physical health issues presenting in his 20s. Along the way he has met the most incredible individuals who have helped him personally and inspired a journey of a lifetime.

There appeared to be a breath for everything, with effects ranging from the gentle to the powerful, the familiar to the remarkable. The Big Book of Breath was sparked, in part, by these experiences.

QuestionOliver part 2.2

A question arose… if the benefits of regular breath work is indisputably effective… why does the world not know about them?

The Big Book of Breath draws on cultural, spiritual and scientific wisdom and offers a unique way to understand and practice life changing breathing techniques.

This Week

In today’s episode we talk about

  • The impact of breath on our health
  • The ability of breath to not only change our perceptions of ourselves but also to change our physical characteristics.
  • The power of thought and intention to impact and change our reality.
  • The practicalities of breathwork, it doesn’t have to be cross legged with your eyes closed it can incorporated into our day to day activities. In that process you can unwind, refocus, reprocess, give the nourishment that you need to yourself at anytime.
  • The future of breathwork, how we are going to see it coming into the mainstream in our health care systems and our corporate cultures to improve our lives



oliver pt2.1

Connect with Oliver

You can find him on Instagram 

Via his website

Resources Mentioned

Wim Hof

Bruce Lipton

Dahn yoga


Core energetics

Holotropic breath


transformational breath


End of  the Episode

And that brings us to the end of today’s episode.

I hope you enjoyed it, what came up or came through for you? did it make you more conscious of your breath? Did it cause you to reflect on times when you may not be breathing properly or consciously? Did it inspire you to be more mindful of your breath? 

Leave a comment and let me know what stood out for you. If you’d like to take it one step further and could take the time to write a review that would be immensely helpful.

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Thanks to those that have already taken the time to leave a review.

As always, I am so so grateful to everyone that tuned in today. There and so many things you could be doing with your time so that fact that you choose to give it to me is such an honour. Thank you.

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I’m Peter Ledwidge, this is the Pursuit of Enhancement podcast and I will catch you next week..

In the mean time remember to

Be kind

Work hard

Stay humble

And smile often.

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