#26 Tony Riddle Pt 1/2 – Let’s Make Our Biological Norms Our Social Norms!

The Pursuit of Enhancement Podcast Episode 26


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Welcome to Episode 26 of  The Pursuit of Enhancement Podcast.

My name is Peter Ledwidge and I am your host.

Each week I sit down to talk in-depth with guests that push the boundaries of conventional living, driven by the singular pursuit of being on an unrelenting quest to continually expand the horizons of their body, mind and spirit.

The aim is to learn more about them and from them; their story, the work they are doing, the highs, the lows, the triumphs, the heartaches and everything in between.

The hope is that these conversations might spark something within you that gives you cause for self-reflection, inspires you to embark on your own journey of self-discovery or gives you the courage to take a chance and go after your goals.

Tony Riddle


36338187_1392105797557967_4094980184040538112_oThis week I’m thrilled to be joined, from the U.K. by Tony riddle, The natural lifestylist.

Tony Riddle has spent the last 18 years developing and refining a robust way of life based on the principals of a natural lifestyle. Driven by fatherhood, Tony believes that his role is to embody the sustainable, natural and vibrant way of life he wishes for his children and their children to come.

Central to his continuing exploration is the question: What makes the human animal successful in the modern world?


Tony has become his own guinea pig in search of systems that enable us to grow physically, socially and spiritually, and to adapt healthily in this fast paced and sometimes compromising modern environment. He has followed at times extreme paths to refine his natural lifestyle philosophy, going where many would choose not to in order to make lesser known information more available and digestible for others.

The system of coaching which has emerged from these experiences is Natural Lifestyle Coaching.Tony part 1.2

‘Through this philosophy of Natural Lifestyle Coaching people of all ages and abilities can discover their true capabilities: resulting in strong, healthy, positive, mindful and connected people, who can communicate that same message to their communities and future generations.’

By making gradual changes we can begin to reclaim our innate wisdom and, eventually, redefine social norms so that one day, living in a more natural, harmonious way will be the norm, rather than the unnatural, stress-filled 24/7 society we’ve created.

Part 1

This week on the podcast we talk about

  • Running and movement biomechanics
  • History of movement
  • Rewilding patterns, going back to basics of movement, putting in the necessary groundwork
  • His journey and the evolution of his practice
  • Fundamental physical needs Human needs – physical, emotional, spiritual
  • His breakdown and breakthrough in order to rediscover himself
  • Ayahuasca and plant medicine experiences
  • Understanding epigentics, getting to understand ourselves by knowing more of ourselves from a younger age and uncovering the effects of collective past traumas which we must unravel and recover from.

This is a fascinating conversation of Tony’s own journey of transformation, from mastering his physicality to exploring the depths of his spirituality, from being a leader in human movement, a successful business owner, losing it all, going on a journey of self discovery and from those ruins rising up and building the foundation of the work he now does today



Tony Part 1.3

Connect with Tony

You can find Fin on Instagram or Facebook

Subscribe to his mailing list via his website www.tonyriddle.com

Resources Mentioned

Lee Saxby https://www.leesaxby.com/

Return to life through contrology

Wim Hof Method

Nicoles romanov the pose method https://posemethod.com/drromanov/

Chris McDougall Born To Run


Erwan le corre https://www.movnat.com/history-of-fitness/

George Hebert

Phillip Beach Erectorcises http://phillipbeach.com/archetypal_postures.html

Helio therapy

Matthew Walker – why we sleep 

Rangan Chaterjee the 4 pillar plan against sleep studies

Bruce Lipton

End of Episode 26

And that brings us to the end of today’s episode.

What did you get from it? Has it intrigued you to explore more? Take more notice of your movement? What areas of your life are not serving you? What can you do to make changes? 

Leave a comment and let me know what stood out for you. If you’d like to take it one step further and could take the time to write a review that would be immensely helpful.

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Thanks to those that have already taken the time to leave a review.

As always, I am so so grateful to everyone that tuned in today. There and so many things you could be doing with your time so that fact that you choose to give it to me is such an honour. Thank you.

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I’m Peter Ledwidge, this is the Pursuit of Enhancement podcast and I will catch you next week..

In the mean time remember to

Be kind

Work hard

Stay humble

And smile often.

If you want to connect with me further you can find me on twitter, facebook and instagram via the icon links below.


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