#20 Carmen Atkinson Pt 1/2 – Life Beyond Anorexia; Turning Your Toughest Battle Into Your Greatest Achievement

The Pursuit of Enhancement Podcast Episode 20


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Welcome to Episode 20 of  The Pursuit of Enhancement Podcast.

My name is Peter Ledwidge and I am your host.

Each week I sit down to talk in-depth with guests that push the boundaries of conventional living, driven by the singular pursuit of being on an unrelenting quest to continually expand the horizons of their body, mind and spirit.

The aim is to learn more about them and from them; their story, the work they are doing, the highs, the lows, the triumphs, the heartaches and everything in between.

The hope is that these conversations might spark something within you that gives you cause for self-reflection, inspires you to embark on your own journey of self-discovery or gives you the courage to take a chance and go after your goals.

Dr. Carmen Atkinson

Carmen pt1.2.jpgThis week on the podcast I’m delighted to be joined by Dr Carmen Atkinson – Plant Based Vegan, Chiropractor, Coach, Speaker, Writer and Ultra Endurance Athlete

As well as all that Carmen has a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition. She competed at the ironman world championships in Kona, Hawaii in 2015 and most recently competed at Ultraman Australia 2018 where she finished fifth female after 3 grueling days involving 10km swimming, 421km of cycling and 84km of running.

With almost 20 years of clinical experience Dr Carmen Atkinson is dedicated to helping people experience a greater version of themselves.

Designed For Greatness

Carmen believes that as human beings we are designed for extraordinary health and athleticism, yet so few people realise their potential.

She is a Public speaker on topics such asCarmen pt 1.3

  • Life beyond Anorexia – An inspirational and raw personal journey from the depths of Anorexia to Athletic success. Learning to recognise your innate strengths to not only recover from your darkness, but to thrive.
  • Aligning the physical body to the spiritual to cultivate your athletic and personal transformation
  • The bodies need to move and the Essential Human movement patterns

Part 1

This week on the podcast we’ll talk about

  • Ultraman Australia, where the dream and the idea came from, the event itself and her reflections in the days post event.
  • She suffered a bad crash during the race in 2017, we go into how she recovered and came back from that.
  • Her ironman escapades and qualificiation for Kona, ironman World championships the pinnacle event of the sport.
  • I try to uncover what is it that fuels that drive, the itch that is being scratched or perhaps what the end game may be
  • We talk about the depths of human potential, how so few get to explore the true abilities of what they are capable of
  • I seek to uncover where her love of movement originated and what spurred her to go into the field of  chiropractic
  • We go into her struggles with food, her journey through anorexia and bulimia, a raw personal journey learning to recognise her innate strengths to not only recover from the darkness, but to thrive.
  • Her journey to repairing her relationship with food, her move towards veganism and how it was an opportunity to deepen her relationship with food, nurture herself and fall in love with food again

 If you are not a sports person don’t be put off by these topics, this conversation was also about finding her passion, finding that thing that makes her heart sing and using it as a platform to educate and inspire others and to show people what the human body and mind is capable of and do it in a way that brings her so much joy.

This is a powerful and profound conversation with Carmen. As she says herself by talking more openly about these topics that for too long have been taboo we can better understand how to have discourse regarding them.




carmen pt1.2 (1)

Connect with Carmen

You can find Carmen on Instagram

Or via her website

Resources Mentioned

Finding Ultra – Rich Roll

Craig Percival

End of Episode 20

So that’s it for episode 20 I hope that you take what you’ve heard today and turn it into positive action for yourself, to take a closer look, what are the internal limiters that you may be placing on yourself and to think about exploring what you may be capable of, whatever that may look like for you.

As ever let me know in the comments your thoughts and take aways.

I am so so grateful to everyone that tuned in today. There and so many things you could be doing with your time so that fact that you choose to give it to me is such an honour. Thank you.

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I’m Peter Ledwidge, this is the Pursuit of Enhancement podcast and I will catch you next week..

In the mean time remember to

Be kind

Work hard

Stay humble

And smile often.

If you want to connect with me further you can find me on twitter, facebook and instagram via the icon links below.


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