#10 Dmitri Simons Pt 1/2 – ‘Holistic Health’ ‘Growth Mindset’ What they mean and look like in real life

The Pursuit of Enhancement Podcast Episode 10



Welcome to Episode 10 of  The Pursuit of Enhancement Podcast.

My name is Peter Ledwidge and I am your host.

Each week I sit down to talk in-depth with guests that push the boundaries of conventional living, driven by the singular pursuit of being on an unrelenting quest to continually expand the horizons of their body, mind and spirit.

The aim is to learn more about them and from them; their story, the work they are doing, the highs, the lows, the triumphs, the heartaches and everything in between.

The hope is that these conversations might spark something within you that gives you cause for self-reflection, inspires you to embark on your own journey of self-discovery or gives you the courage to take a chance and go after your goals.

Dmitri Simons

This week is Episode 10 and I’m rapt to be joined by Dmitri Simons.

Dmitri was born in Papua New Guinea and has traveled the globe extensively, He’s a fully qualified chef, has a certificate in sports nutrition and is a qualified instructor in several martial arts. He has represented Australia numerous times and has also spent time studying with  Gi Gong monks in the mountains of China.

His interest in health and fitness developed early in his life starting with Judo at 5. He also developed into a quality runner and won numerous school sporting awards for a range of different sports at a school and regional level.


Weight Gain

Dmitri suffered weight gain issues in early adolescence. Sport continued to be a positive and rewarding interest for Dmitri, and in his early teens he returned to his sporting best in team and field sports.

Dmitri has remained committed to many sporting interests throughout his life and has participated in a wide range of individual and team sports at local, state, national and international levels.


Dmitri participated in running, martial arts and weightlifting until he decided to have a go at triathlons in 2008. Dmitri has since become a highly decorated age-group triathlete and is regularly on the podium at local, state and national events. He competed in multiple World championships and his best result saw him achieve 4th in the world in 2012.

Dmitri has achieved a wide range of qualifications in the field of health, fitness and nutrition, which collectively classifies him as a holistic health and fitness expert.

He has been offering fitness-training packages for the last 15 years and coaches many elite athletes as well as training adults of all ages and levels of fitness.

On top of all that Dmitri is a dedicated husband and father of 5 girls under the age of 18. It’s far to say that he has a solid understanding of what it takes to commit to regular exercising and eating healthy foods while balancing life commitments.

Dmitri 2

In part 1 we talk about

  • His younger years, coming back from weight gain and committing to a life of fitness
  • Meditation, energy healing, martial arts
  • What triathlon means to him and how it was instrumental in spurring him on to improve his life
  • Taking a holistic approach to health and fitness, and what that actually means as well as having a growth mindset.
  • The changes he went through in turning his life around, the education he undertook to understand the quagmire of confusion that can be the health and fitness industry and healthy i.e. what, when why, how much to eat etc etc.
  • Goal setting and determining – Finding out what is truly important to you, what truly are your goals not just going after the things you think you should go after. not choosing too many, choosing one key goal and that focus will bring other areas in line as a byproduct
  • How we see ourselves subconsciously, who you perceive you think you are and how that affects whether or not you achieve goals and keep them long term.

dmitri 1

Connect with Dmitri

You can find Dmitri on Instagram

And via his website www.dmitrisimons.com

End of Episode 10

So that’s it for episode 10 I hope you got something out of it and made some great notes.

As ever let me know in the comments your thoughts and take aways.

I am so so grateful to everyone that tuned in today. There and so many things you could be doing with your time so that fact that you choose to give it to me is such an honour. Thank you.

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I’m Peter Ledwidge, this is the Pursuit of Enhancement podcast and I will catch you next week for episode 10.

In the mean time remember to

Be kind

Work hard

Stay humble

And smile often.

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