What It Means To Be A Superdad – Podcast #1

The Pursuit of Enhancement Episode 1

I’m so excited to bring you this first episode of The Pursuit of Enhancement Podcast.



My name is Peter Ledwidge and I’m your host. I love listening to podcasts myself whether when I’m out on my runs or on the way to work. I come across new and interesting people on social media and always think I would love to know more about their story. I love having deep conversations with people about what makes them who they are and how we can all learn from each other in our lives. So I decided to start this podcast with that very purpose in mind.

Life can be confusing at times and we are all trying to make our way in the world doing the best we can with the knowledge and understanding that we have at the time.

What if you learned something new that brought into question all that you knew before, would that cause you to change how you live?

Each week it is my intention to sit down with people who have caught my attention, to be able to learn from them and their experiences, share that information with you so that we may all grow together, breakdown myths, collective agreements or assumptions about life or how ‘we’re supposed to live’, so that you can navigate through each day knowing you have done the best that you could.

This week on the podcast I am delighted to be joined by Jarrod L’Estrange of SuperDad University.


Jarrod is an Exercise, Nutrition & Motivation Expert

He is the founder of SuperDad University, a devoted husband and father of three young girls. With over 13 years experience as a personal trainer, health and nutrition coach, and a lifetime of achievements in sports including natural bodybuilding and most recently on Australian Ninja Warror.

Superdad University is a support service offering short courses in parenting and relationship skills, stress and time management, workouts and nutrition for time poor dads, dealing with separation and divorce, budgeting and family finances, healthy sleep habits, overcoming anxiety & addictions and much more besides. Via the superdad App and the closed facebook group you will have not only the support of Jarrod and the other dads but also private & confidential help from a team Of coaches.


Jarrod is an amazing guy that is doing great things in his community through his personal training clients and also online with superdad university.

Jarrod has so much energy and a vibrancy that you will be able to feel coming through the mic throughout the podcast.

In the episode we talk about

  • His superdad university, what it means to be a superdad, how it all came to be and what it incorporates.
  • Jarrod’s own journey as a Dad of three himself, how he manages to balance all his commitments and still find time for himself.
  • Personal development, it’s importance in his life, what it means to him, what resources he has used and continues to use.
  • We talk about his journey as a plant based athlete and competing as a natural body builder on a 100% plant based diet
  • And lastly we chat about his experience on Australian Ninja warrior last year, the preparation, the event itself and what his plans are for the future.


You can find Jarrod on

Instagram @superdadsonsinsta

Via his website www.superdaduniversity.com

Facebook Super Dads Online

Resources mentioned

Tony Robbins – Awaken the Giant Within

Jason Reynolds – Quantum Eight

Thank you so much for tuning in for this first episode of the The Pursuit of Enhancement podcast. Be sure to follow or subscribe to your favourite source so you can keep up to date with future episodes.

I’d love to know what you enjoyed most or what was a takeaway from the conversation so please leave a comment and let us know.

If you know of anyone you would love to hear on the podcast, leave a comment below.

If you’d like to support the show you can do so at www.patreon.com/thepursuitofenhancement

I’m Peter Ledwidge, I wish you a great week as we all continue on our journey in

‘The Pursuit of Enhancement.’

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