Attitude of cherishing others

The Real Enemy

Anger, attachment, jealousy, hatred; these are the real enemy.

Materialism does not foster the growth of morals, compassion and humility.

Fear arises when we view everyone else with suspicion.

The words of dalai lama. These are the values that are perpetuated by the mass media but we must counteract them with love, compassion and humility.

Attitude of cherishing others

Most of the good or beneficial effects that come about in the world are based on an attitude of cherishing others.

Concern for others

By showing concern for other’s welfare, sharing other people’s suffering and helping other people, ultimately one (we all) will benefit.

Kindness, Love, Respect

We would solve a lot more problems in the world if we acted on the basis of kindness, love, respect and the realisation of the oneness of all human beings.



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