Is your body a garden or a graveyard?

Food as a portal to self-actualisation

I saw this post  on instagram posted by from the makers of What The Health.

It got me thinking, as I often do, about the importance of eating well and how it is not only beneficial for our physical health but for our mental and spiritual health as well.

If, like me, you are on a spiritual path or a journey of self-discovery you may have discovered that what you eat is a big factor in your development. If you haven’t you may want to consider addressing it.

Changing your diet to be more plant-based can help to find meaning, get the most out of life and expedite your self-discovery (more on this later)

Sowing seeds or digging your grave?

The image got me thinking about the analogy of gardening. Gardening is such a popular past time. People put hours into tending their garden, getting the right mulch, treating the soil, watering it, trimming and pruning so that it looks pristine.
I thought it odd then that people would not put the same care and devotion into looking after themselves, which leads me to the instagram post I wrote

If you are a gardener you know that for your garden to grow you must nurture it, feed it well, water it, love it and respect it.

Treat your body like your garden.

Don’t put dead animals or products that have been produced through causing pain and suffering to another I.e. meat, eggs, dairy, etc.

Avoid processed foods that provide no benefit to you other than they activate the pleasure sensors in your brain and you are now addicted to them.

Put wonderful vibrant plants in there to truly feel amazing.

Drink lots of water.

Move as much, as often as possible and in as many different ways as possible.

Not the end but the beginning!

Don’t think of it as a diet or a means to an end, take joy and satisfaction from it, make it your way of life.

We are all searching for ways to ‘find meaning’ and ‘get the most out of life.’ This is on way you can do it.

It may not be exciting, appealing or ‘sexy.’ It may not be worthy of putting on a T-shirt, but if you can let go of that need for approval, gratification, external recognition or ‘sense of achievement,’ be assured and confident in yourself, letting the internal satisfaction that you feel be enough for you; then boy oh boy is it worth it.

Let go to receive more.

In many ways this is where true meaning comes from; letting go of external pursuits or achievements as our only means of determining a well lived life. Getting the, degree, the job, the house,the boat, the holiday, etc etc the list goes on and never seems to end. Those are just signs to other people of ‘doing well.’ Doing the internal work is not given the same recognition or importance because it cannot be seen or quantified. When you meet a person you have no idea of the level of internal work that they have done and when you categorise them based on job, clothes, car etc you perhaps couldn’t be further from the truth. The could be miserable, weighed down with debt and stress in a job they hate but have to stay in because they have to pay for all the things they have accumulated, with no free to enjoy the ‘stuff’ and really just want to be free of it.

Then you could meet a person living in a caravan with very little possessions and you categorise them as being low on the social scale buy really they could be the most free person in the world. They could have done lots of meditation and spiritual work. They have no possessions thus no worries obligations or pressures. They don’t have to be at work all the time, they earn enough to sustain themselves and their lifestyle. They have freedom of time to pursue their interests, read, explore nature, understand better the inner workings of their mind and soul.

For me personally the latter is a nobler goal and one that is at the fore front of my mind. So again, the truest pursuit in life is to let go of who society tells you that you should be and to be who you truly want to be.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I hope you got something out of it. Let me know by leaving a comment. You can connect with me further on any of the locations below.


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