Love is what we are born with.

We live in a fear based society. Media and marketing thrive off it and willing expedite it.

Fear of terror.
Fear of not having the right clothes.
Fear of not looking a certain way.
Fear of not getting the right grades.
Fear of not getting into the right school.
Fear of not getting the right job.
Fear of not having a certain social status by a certain age.

Whatever it may be, it is all fear based and it is what is stopping us from being who we truly are.

We are born as pure beacons of love and we must return to that if we wish to end this cycle of fear and to bring the human race to the next stage of evolution.

Fear and love have to very different vibrations that we feel within us. You may not be aware of it. But you feel it. The next time you see the news or an ad that is bad news or makes you feel less that adequate notice the feeling within you.

Then watch something that is pure positive joy, a child laughing or cute animal photo perhaps. Notice the different feeling of that within you. That is the feeling that we must constantly strive for. That ‘Feeling’ will then determine your actions for they will always be in alignment with that.

CE Love

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. – Jimi Hendrix.

This is not just some nice quote to say, oh that’s nice and that’s idealistic and then return to whatever it is that we were doing.

This is the biggest truth that there is.

If we love ourselves exactly as we are, if we others exactly for who they are, not just if they meet certain parameters that makes them worth of loving and only until they continue to meet those parameters after which your love for them will change.

No! Love them in the complete unconditional sense of the word. For no other than they are a person and they are worthy and deserving of love, and so are you.

If we do that we take the power away from the fear mongers that only seek to control us, profit from us and manipulate us.

If we continue to search for that pure positive feeling I mentioned before then we will move away from the fear and they will have no control over us because we will choose to simply not focus on it. For what you focus on expands. Therefore the more you focus on pure positive feelings and actions thus it will expand.

With that we raise ourselves up and out of this quagmire of despair and dread that seems to be pervasive in society.

To quote Yoda ‘You must unlearn what you have learned.’

The fear mentality has been handed down to us from generation to generation by people who didn’t know they were doing because it was what they knew. But now that we know better we must do better with this new information.

You don’t need to wait for anyone else to tell you the steps to take or when to take them. You can do this for yourself starting right now and everyday for the rest of your life. As you do more will do the same and so it goes. One by one we can change the world.

Thank you Collective Evolution for the photo.

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