Give it away and it will come back to you

This blog is inspired by the recent Rich Roll Podcast that I listened to and was inspired to write and and act. Listen to it HERE

This was an amazing conversation between Scott Harrison and @richroll

I felt so moved and was inspired to act immeditely! It seems crazy to me that nearly a billion people go without clean water everyday. There are people that have to walk 8 hours a day just to get clean water and when they get back still have to cook, clean and raise a family. So the time you spent at work someone was walking just to get water.

I had a birthday recently and in the last few years I have been less and less inclined to celebrate it or to ask for gifts, for there was nothing I really needed that I couldn’t for myself. After listening to this podcast I have since donated my age in dollars to the charity. $34 is enough to provide clean water to 1 human. I have also committed to $10/month to this charity also.

When you think about it $10 a month is nothing. It’s your subscription to Netflix or Spotify or similar. It’s 2 coffees a week. Can you do without it?

I’ve always been reluctant to donate due to scepticism about how much actually gets to the intended cause. But with charity water 100% of donations go to the field to bring clean water to those in need. So I had no hesitation in donating.

I have also set up a campaign to raise 10x my age in aid of this great cause. If you would like to donate their is a link in my bio. After listening to this podcast I have no decided to pledge all future birthdays to this cause. Click HERE if you wish to donate.

Additionally I will be foregoing all Christmas presents and instead asking for donations because really there is nothing I feel the need to ask for. Knowing that I am making a difference in the lives of others would give me far greater satisfaction.

I urge you to listen to this podcast and to evaluate your life to look for areas that you can help this, or any great cause or those around you in general.

Let’s get out of this mentality of just looking out for ourselves, this ‘get mine’ mindset and instead ask how can we give more.

Peace. Namaste.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I hope you got something out of it. Let me know by leaving a comment. You can connect with me further on any of the locations below.


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