How To Live A Life of Passion

How often do you here these statements

‘If you work at a job you love you’ll never work a day in your life.’


‘Follow your passion.’

For some those phrases and similar can be the most annoying and patronising phrases they could here. Why is that? Perhaps it stirs something in them that they are too busy simply getting through life to even BEGIN to know or discover what they are passionate about.

The majority of people that work a 9 to 5 job HATE IT.

People say they want freedom but they are addicted to suffering.

Too many people are beaten into numbness and submission to even know what their passions are.

They think watching their favourite TV show, a box set at the weekend or shouting at the TV while their team plays on Sunday is passion.

No it’s NOT. It’s just denial! Distraction from facing the reality that is facing them for the next 40 years (or more) but rather than do something about it will people just keep themselves in a state of sedation with food, alcohol, small mindedness, cynicism etc.

Why? Because anything else would require action and for them to evaluate their life and they know what is facing them but don’t want to face it.

So in order to start living with passion and to find out what you are passionate about is to gain the freedom to do so.

If you are not living your passion. Ask yourself WHY NOT?

If you are BROKE it typically means that you are emotionally broken inside. It’s an abundant Universe. There is no lack. Lack is an illusion.

So if you are not allowing the abundance to flow into your life, its because you feel you need to suffer. It’s you that is blocking the abundance. It’s you that is not allowing abundance to enter into your being and your reality.

Start loving yourself more. Love yourself enough to forgive yourself. Speak about the reality you want. Be grateful for what you have while you pursue what you want.

Stop looking for other people to feel sorry for you and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your thoughts, words and emotions.

What would it take for you to break free of the cycle, to fire your boss and to be able to live life on your terms? To live a life of passion you need to find something to be passionate about.

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