Manifesting Your Desires

I love this analogy in relation to the manifestation or creation of your goals, dreams or desires…

If you were a sculptor on your first day of sculpting, you would not take a big clump of clay, throw it down on the table and say “Oh it didn’t turn out right.”

You would mould it, get better at it, add more clay. You would get different coloured clay. You would continue to find a way to evolve in your creative endeavour.

You may even get a new piece of clay and start over until you get closer to what it is you want to create.

You would not just throw it out and say “well that didn’t turn out very good.”


But too often in life that is what we do. We throw the clay down. Manipulate it a bit but if the table spins too fast and the pottery goes to mush we just give up and have a myriad of reasons to justify our decision.

We all want immediate results or to be experts or great at it from day one but it isn’t like that.

You can have a goal or a dream for as long as you like as long as you keep working on it, moulding and moving forward. Take small steps, focus on what you can do right now not how far you have to go, focus on the attainment of the goal not on the absence of it or how long you haven’t had.

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