Love Starts Within

On Valentine’s day i reckon you’ll see as many pro posts as you will con posts

For those that are thinking of posting a neggy valentines day post think of this……

What you put out to the universe you receive back. By focusing on what you don’t want that is what continues to perpetuate.

If you are single focus on yourself today. Say ‘I love myself, I love my life, wouldn’t it be nice to have a wonderful partner to share this with.’

Treat Yourself.

Receiving love starts with giving love. I know you may say ‘but i need someone to give love to.’

No you don’t!

You have yourself. Love yourself, truly for who you are at whatever point you may be at on your life’s path. Continue that and soon someone will come into your life that will love you more than you ever imagined possible.

Don’t be cynical and say ‘oh that’s alright for you Peter, you have a wonderful relationship’

It wasn’t always that way for me. I was single for many years. I had my heart closed of to love for a while but as I slowly started to talk to my self better around love, that I was worthy and deserving of it that’s when things really changed.

So happy Valentine’s day to everyone out there.

Whatever your relationship status.

P.s. use this as a reminder to show your partner more often how much you care not just today but everyday, express it, it doesn’t always have to be a gift, flowers, things etc. Love is our actions, maybe washing that cup when your finished, not leaving clothes around, maybe closing that door that bugs your other half when you leave it open all the time, whatever it may be.

Namaste. Love to all

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I hope you got something out of it. Let me know by leaving a comment. You can connect with me further on any of the locations below.


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