Is ‘What do you do?’ the worst question?

Hands up if you cringe a little on the inside when you get asked this question.

Sometimes I will ask people off the bat ‘what are your interests? Passions? What do you want to get out of life?’ and so many times I will get a perplexed look back in return.

Why is it that the most common question to ask when people first meet someone new ‘What do you do?’
Does that enable us to get a better understanding of the person, to prejudge them, put them in a box and say okay, that’s where you go, I can handle you or know how to deal with you now?

What a person does can often have very little to do with who they are.

My thought is that the perplexed look is because people are not used to getting asked that question. They know how to respond to ‘what do you do’ because it’s tangible to a degree.

However, what interests you and what are you passionate about are not. It is a feeling, an emotion that sometimes can’t be explained or quantified but just watch the difference in the person when talking about it a topic that they actually love, their mood, tonality and energy all go up and they could talk for hours.

So if you want to have better conversations with people and to connect more, just ask better questions and see how things change.

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