Action = Results

There is no ‘Get rich quick’, ‘rapid weight loss’ or ‘overnight success’. Nothing will happen without action.

We live in a World where people want immediate results and gratification; results without the work. People want shortcuts and wishful thinking and are unwilling to admit that success won’t happen by itself.

The self-improvement industry, for example is worth $12 billion a year. People are buying books, listening to audios, attending seminars by the bucket load and it’s getting them nowhere.

Why? Because their not looking for the ‘secrets’ to success. Their looking for the ‘shortcuts’ to success.

They want to get rich with no risks and no money down; they want to lose weight without diet and exercise.

But then the weeks pass and nothing happens. The high wears off and they come back to Earth. Each year the cycle repeats and they’re no better off and perhaps in a worse state than before.

The required step is taking action. Action = Results. Nothing happens without action

There are millions of things out there that will never be realised, that could have improved mankind, brought joy and wonder into people’s lives but never will because no action was taken.

Nothing you do in life will amount to anything unless you take action. Only action can turn your goals into a reality.

Taking action is hard! It’s like Alice in Wonderland when she is really tall and there is this tiny door she can’t fit through. Most people can’t even see the door and those who do may only stare at it.

That is why you must have desire. Without desire you won’t put enough effort into pursuing your goal.

In order to take action you must have clarity, desire, belief and knowledge. And if you still hesitate there is only one reason left. Fear! But more on that another time.

Adapted from ‘Life in Half a Second’ by Matthew Michalewicz

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