This blog relates to an amazing TED talk by Brene Brown; The power of vulnerability
This is amazing TED talk could lead us all to live healthier, happier lives by being more truthful, honest and open with ourselves and others. In order to get into our heart and connect with people.

The thing that connects us all is our desire to be seen for who we are. We live in a world that can make it feel like we should be something that we are not. People are ruled by fear and shame. But ultimately what people crave is connection. But search for it in the wrong places and try to ‘fit in’ rather than being authentic and connecting.

We try to pursue or depict perfection in our lives but the reality could not be further from the truth. But we must embrace that and recognise it in each other in order to live in a more compassionate world. We must have the courage to embrace that vulnerability and for others to say ‘I see you’ and I feel you. Then we can start to connect with each other on a greater level and really make changes in the world.

And this all stems back to a very early age where we try to shield children from the harsh realities of the world and say you are perfect and I’m going to keep you perfect. Until they go out into the world for themselves and find things to be very different. Instead we must say ‘You are hardwired for struggle and none of us are perfect but you are worthy of love and belonging.’

Instead we numb ourselves in bad food, alcohol, medication and addiction. But that doesn’t make the bad stuff go away instead it manifests physically in the body i.e. stress, anxiety, depression, etc. But we also numb joy, happiness and gratitude. When all we are looking for is purpose and meaning.

Everyone is looking for purpose and meaning. Recognition and connection. And by recognition that isn’t necessarily in promotions but simply in ‘I see you, I see the talents that you have and want to help you make the best use of them.’ That is so rare to be wanted for exactly who you are rather than what you can bring to a job and get paid an hourly wage when really they may have so much more to give than that and so feel undervalued.

‘We must let ourselves be seen. For people to see that it is okay to be vulnerable. To love with our whole hearts even though there is no guarantee. To practice gratitude and joy especially in those moments where it seems most difficult. To feel that vulnerable means you are alive. And to feel like we are enough.

When we say that we stop screaming and start listening. We are kinder and gentler to the people around us and we are kinder and gentler to ourselves.’

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