Greatness Comes From Within

Greatness comes from within. From pitting you against you. Onto the greatest version of you.

What if one day you were presented with the greatest version of yourself? That had achieved and done ALL that you are capable of? A look at what you have within you if you are just willing to do what it takes!

But you would still be required to do the work to achieve it. What if, before you started you knew that GREATNESS WAS WITHIN YOU would you go and do the work?

Would you be willing to deal with the struggles, the hardships, the pain of defeat all in the name of achieving what you KNOW is possible.

Would you be willing to do the work? Sometimes the greatest reason for not taking action is fear of failure or not achieving that which you set out to do.

But which would you rather? Aim too high and miss your mark? Aim too low and hit the target? Or never to aim in the first place?

Too many people take the second and third option. But if you are willing to risk the uncommon and the extraordinary by aiming too high even if you miss you will still achieve far greater success than the 2nd and 3rd option.

So always strive for more, for better, for the best of yourself.

Because it will be far more rewarding when you leave this life knowing that you had done all that you could with your talents and abilities. Rather than leaving it knowing that you could have done more.

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