Live Now! Before It’s Too Late.

I once heard the saying ‘in order to realise your dreams you must first wake up’ but is that really the case?

Dreams only seem strange after you wake up. They don’t seem strange while you are dreaming because you don’t know that you are dreaming until you wake up and re-enter the ”real world”

But isn’t the “real world” just as strange as your strangest dream? Sometimes it is stranger and more bizarre than the strangest of strange dreams.

If life was a dream and you suddenly woke up, would you be happy with your dream? Would you wake up knowing you made the most of it? Or would you wish you had done more? Wishing you had defined your life and goals more clearly? Made the most of your days left? Followed your deepest desires? Believed yourself capable of anything, fearing nothing?

But why not do those things anyway? What reason is there not to? Why not use your half a second to do something extraordinary and do everything you want to? Why not live life like it’s a dream? Why not? Why not? Why NOT? You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

So live, damn it, live!

Be in a hurry to live. Live each day like it’s a dream. Enjoy life down to the last drop, the last taste, the very last millisecond. Because dream or not you only have limited time; so make the most of your days left, do everything you want to and do it now, before it’s too late, before you ‘wake up’…..

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