Accept it. Remain Positive and Carry On!

‘Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.’ Winston Churchill

I try to be a positive person. And that’s not to say things don’t work out the way I would have liked. But that I don’t dwell on it or get down hearted. I move on. I keep going. And make sure things turn out differently the next time.

I’ve got no time for moaning and complaining, small mindedness or pettiness. If you’ve got time for that then you are not doing enough with your life. Get more important things to concern yourself with and you won’t have time for distractions.

Follow a dream. Find a goal to work on. And work on it everyday. If you are doing that, you won’t have time for small mindedness, pettiness, moaning or complaining because you’ll be saying I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!! I’ve got bigger things going on in my life that I need to spend time doing.

So many people say ‘I don’t have time to do it’ but yet they have time to watch mind numbing TV, or rubbish news casts that is just filling your mind with negativity and distraction. It is just wasted time.

How could that time be better spent? Working on yourself. To make yourself better. In any area of your life. To be better at your job. To be a better wife, husband, partner, sibling or parent. What books could you read that would expand your thinking. What activity could you be doing that is improving your health goals?

You may not HAVE the time but if it is important enough to you then you must FIND the time.

You’ve got 2 options. Either do whatever is necessary to find the time. Or spend that time regretting having wasted the time.

Either way the time will pass. And you can either look back on it with pride in your accomplishments or sit and wonder what might have been.

So what’s it going to be?

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