Change is Hard. But Staying the Same is Harder.

We all have our good and our bad days. But one bad day does not mean you give up on your goals. It does not mean you throw away all the work that you have done up to now. It means you get up. Dust yourself off. You recognise it. And say I won’t let that happen again and you keep moving forward. Be bigger than your excuses. Too many people give up at the first sign of discomfort or the first sign of difficulty. But that’s how it’s going to be. There will be difficult times.

Change is hard. But do you know what’s harder?


These bad days are the universes way of testing you to see if it truly means enough to you to keep going. You’ve got to want it bad enough that no matter how many times you might get knocked down you’re willing to get back up and KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

You’ve got to remember why you set these goals to begin with.

It’s about dreaming big and LIVING beyond mediocrity. It’s about PLANNING and COMMITMENT. It’s about PUSHING yourself out of your comfort zone to be all of who you can be. It’s about creating life the way you want it, not what society dictates. It’s about feeling the satisfaction of ACHIEVING something you’ve possibly only dreamed about, and knowing that the only thing stopping you reaching your goals is YOU.


Now go and be a badass (but be kind to everyone) 🙂

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