Take A Mental Diet

If you want to change you’ve got to change your thinking.

As you think, so shall you become – bruce lee.

It’s just as important to feed your brain with good nutrition as it is your body.

If you eat crap food you know the effect this will have in your body. Same goes for the brain. If you put negative thoughts and information in there, how is it going to affect your thoughts?

If your put more positive, uplifting, inspiring input in you will start to elevate your thinking. Slowly you will start to improve your positivity. Your outlook will improve. Your optimism will improve. You’ll start to desire more for yourself and aspire to be more.

And just like training or improving your diet it won’t happen over night. But with consistency it will happen.

When you first wake up in the morning your thoughts and what you read, watch, listen to in the first 20 minutes will set the tone for your day.

So have an inspiring book nearby to read an inspiring passage, watch an inspiring you tube video. Or meditate for a few minutes.

I find meditation allows me to calm the mind in the morning so that I run the day rather than the day running me. It is like pulling back the bow to aim. Then when I finish meditating I let the bow go and my arrow goes for the target. It gives me amazing direction and focus.

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