Stop Saying ‘I Must’

I must start exercising. I must eat better. I must drink more water. I must, I must, I must.

Either commit to the action and start doing or stop saying it to yourself when you have no intention of acting on it.

Stop delaying it and start doing. Must = it’s not a priority. By taking the action it makes it a priority.

There is no ‘must’ in life – only choice and free will.

And what is going to drive this action? DESIRE! You’ve got to want it. Desire is the reason we do anything.

If your desire to lose weight, get stronger, be healthier etc. exceeds your desire to maintain your current status, then you’ll take action. If it doesn’t, you’ll do nothing. So ask yourself how much do you want it?

Desire is the key factor. Forget motivation, ambition, persistence, drive, perseverance. Either you desire X more than Y or Y more than X. Either way your decision is determined by what you desire most? All the rest stems from that.

So what do you desire?

Once you have the desire, come and see me at Func Fitness and together we will help you achieve that which you desire and to show to you that if you believe it you can achieve it.

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